I just love how the randomness of the internet can bring people together for moments that can only be described as serendipity. Moments that fate chose for you. Moments that can only be found on the web. This is one of those moments.

You may not know the band "Survivor," and that's ok. Chances are it's either before your time, or you forgot about them over the course of history. Survivor had a huge hit called "Eye of the Tiger." You know who I'm talking about now.

Eye of the Tiger was the theme song to Rocky III. Back before Stallone was obviously juicing it up. It was the movie of the Rocky series that everyone could agree on. It wouldn't be everyones favorite Rocky if it had not been for Survivor.

Fast forward thirty-two years, and some poor lonely soul has dedicated far too much time to idolizing "Eye of the Tiger" in a fantastic piece of technology from around the same time.

I present to you, Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" on the dot-matrix printer.