Last summer was crazy hot.  It included the hottest month every recorded in the United States.  We had 100 degree temperatures for 100 days in a row. But climatologists say this summer might be a completely different story!

Climatologists in Oklahoma say the first four months of 2012 are also record-breakers with the warmest temperatures on record since they started keeping track in the late 1800’s!

Take March for example, instead of heavy rain and cloudy sky we had temperatures in the mid 80s!

Climatologists are predicting a warm summer . . . which to us means hotter than fire . . . but we’ve already had a lot of rain this season and it appears that we will have enough rain to get us through the worst of the season, so even if it is hot-we won’t have the level of drought we have seen the last two years.

Many of the old-timers will tell you that a warm winter means a scorching summer, but scientists who are predicting summer weather patterns say that isn’t the case.  While we’ll still have some hot days during the 2012 summer season, we’ll also have the break of rain to cool things off and help things grow!

How do you deal with Oklahoma’s record breaking hot summers?