Each year as the cool fronts grow stronger and colder, hundreds of anglers start prepping their tackle to catch one of Oklahoma's most random fish... The trout.

It's true, trout are not at all native to Oklahoma even though our state is full of huge rivers, but the Department of Wildlife Conservation saw the trout as the savior for the cold weather seasons when the sportfish bite usually dies off... well, except for the humble crappie.

Anglers all over the state have their own designated fisheries for both rainbow and brown trout, but once in a while, the lab-grown genetics produce ultra-rare golden trout for us to catch.

If you've never been trout fishing, you should go. It's fun to spend time outdoors this time of year. I know if the county isn't in a ban, there's plenty of opportunity to spark a fire and cook your catch along the banks in Medicine Park. All the same, this isn't the trout fishing you probably envision.

I had the same thought when it came to my first Sooner State trout fishing trip. Waders, fly fishing gear, an old-timer there to tell me my side-handed cast wouldn't catch any fish... Like this.

Pennsylvania Opens Trout Fishing Season
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Truth be told, that's not the sort of trout fishing to be found in Oklahoma. Babbling brooks lined with smooth rocks and ultra-clear waters are super-rare in this state. Everything you've seen or learned about trout fishing in your life doesn't actually apply here.

Instead, you're supposed to just use your trusty spinning reels with a little power bait. That's not to say trout aren't caught on artificial lures, but even the ODWC recommends something with a little scent on it for the most success. Anglers will line the bank and you'll all enjoy a little peace and envy as everyone else around you seems to catch your fish.

Open Season for Rainbow Trout
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As I said, my local trout fishery is Medicine Park, but there are several designated areas around the state that constantly get stocked this time of year. Check out the full list of trout fisheries here plus tips on how to maximize your harvest.

If you really wanted to catch something worth writing home about, you might meander your way up into the Oklahoma Panhandle. There's a lake outside of Kenton, OK that provides a home for the Sooner State's tiger muskie. They fight extremely hard, they're almost all trophy size, it's not as popular of a fishery as you'd expect being way out in the middle of nowhere, and it'll provide you at least a weekend of stories and pictures to show everyone that passed on the chance to catch 'em. It's a wild cold-weather fish to catch.

If you need a license, click here.

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