Details are pouring by the second about Colorado's second mass shooting since April 20, 1999 when two armed assailants walked into Columbine High School and opened fire on students.  What made James Holmes take his sinister action last night? Movie goers where enjoying a midnight screening of the new Batman movie series 'The Dark Knight Rises' when James Holmes allegedly threw a smoke bomb or tear gas canister into the theater and began shooting fleeing movie goers as they tried desperately to escape with their lives. When it was all over 12 people were conformed dead, some reports say the youngest victim being just 6-years-old, and wounding 50 including some US Military personnel.

Very little is know about the shooter James Holmes a 24-year-old man from Aurora, Co. the only details that have come out is that as of a month ago he was a student of University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver. James at the age of 24 was working on his PhD. in neuroscience over the last year. According to University spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery James Holmes enrolled into the PhD. program last year and currently was in the process of withdrawing from the program.

When James was arrested he told police that he had explosives in his apartment in Aurora. Police rushed to apartment community and confirmed that James apartment in deed was rigged with explosives. Police then evacuated the community and entered through a back window using a hook and ladder fire truck.

So what would make a young man with a seemingly bright future snap like this? James allegedly told police officers when he was arrested that he was the joker and he had dyed his hair orange. Was he trying to emulate a scene from a 1986 Batman comic that portrayed an armed gunman shooting movie goers?

ABC News contacted James' mother in California and before she even had an idea of what was really happening she confirmed that the police probably have the right person in custody. The joker murderer's mother didn't care to elaborate any further  on this cryptic statement. Was there something in the recent months that gave James' mother  a reason to be worried that her son was on the verge of committing some sort of act of violence against himself or others? And if so, why did she not contact the authorities? Since the Virgina Tech massacre I am pretty sure police or school officials would have taken a call from a concerned parent very seriously.