Leaf Peeping is a real thing (although it sounds like I am making it up).  It's when you go outside or on the road to watch the colors change in the fall.  In many parts of the country (think New England) it's a crazy beautiful display that lasts weeks and weeks and weeks.

In Oklahoma -- blink too slow and you'll miss it. . . .but that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful.  There are some exceptional places too peep a leaf in Oklahoma this season.

The best projection is Peeping will be at its peak in late October / early November this year.

Where to go to Peep a leaf?  Well, most experts say the eastern part of the state is worth the drive.  To that end, if you're planning a quick 48-hours of fall fun, try these close-to-home destinations that will give you the beauty of New England with the convenience of Oklahoma:

National Scenic Byway:  This is one of the best ways to see fall in Oklahoma.  If you want to do the whole thing, it will take you about an hour and take you into western Arkansas.  The part in Oklahoma is not a straight road, so if you don't do twists and turns well, this might not be for you.  There are a lot of places you can pull over and enjoy the views, so this one is my fav.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area:  Little Niagra and Rock Creek are beautiful covered in the changing colors.  The water and the foliage make for a stunning combination and a beautiful place to take a hike or go on a bike ride.

Ouachita National Forest:  We share this gem with Arkansas and, while the headquarters are in Hot Springs, we still have a beautiful little corner of this forest that is brilliant in the peeping season.

These are my top three -- but there are many more.  In fact, while I was writing this, a few people in my office suggested Highway 10 and Robbers Cave State Park.  We'd love to know where you like to peep a leaf.  Put your favorite destinations in the comment section below.