A Dallas/Fort Worth area family has posted a Craigslist ad offering a cash reward for the safe return of their 3-year-old daughter's beloved stuffed bunny rabbit.

Frank Rumbauskas says that his daughter Agnes lost the bunny somewhere in Terminal A at the DFW Airport last week while they were traveling. Frank describes the stuffed bunny as a "grey, well-worn, three-year-old stuffed Jellycat grey bunny rabbit, as shown in the photo except ours is VERY well worn!"

Frank says that the DFW airport lost and found has not located it, nor has the Tuscon airport where the flight Frank and Agnes were on continued to next.

Poor little Agnes has been crying for her stuffed furry friend every night. Frank told us on the phone today that many people have been telling him to just buy her a new one. "We have done that, but that's not the point," Frank says. "We bought her a new one but she calls him 'Fake Tete' - she knows the difference," he continued.

Agnes has had the bunny by her side since she was an infant. To her, it's more than just a stuffed animal.

If you have seen Agnes' stuffed bunny, you can contact Frank via the craigslist ad or call: 949-295-6656. Finding and returning the bunny will earn you $200 cash, plus the gratitude of a distraught little girl.

Share this story and let's help Agnes get reunited with her precious friend.

Here are several photos of Agnes with her bunny 'Tete':

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