Life hacks are great, except when they're not.

Take a look at the gentleman in this video who thought he could cut a sword with a huge watermelon. You know what they say about the size of a sword, right? The bigger it is, the dumber the stunts you're willing to try.

The glass top table that's holding the watermelon becomes a "smashed glass on the bottom" table.

And while the guy may be a nitwit for trying this, let's not forget to point a finger of blame to everyone else who was there, including the woman who said, "That's exactly what I thought was going to happen." You gotta speak up and step in to stop this modern-day samurai before he leaves a path of destruction.

No one stopped him, though, so the area under the table looks like something Bruce Willis had to traipse through in the original Die Hard.

The next time this brain surgeon wants to cut some fruit, maybe he ought to look elsewhere for inspiration.

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