You ever wondered what it would take to make your own food. This guys sandwich took 6 months and $1500 to make.

It's almost impossible to think that people don't know what they're eating. Kids? Yeah, I completely understand a kid not knowing. My dad raised quail growing up, we were told it was chicken... because we wouldn't eat our pets now would we?

Adults are a different matter altogether. As a hunter, once or twice a year, I catch flack for being a barbarian. ei - not buying my wild meats online or in store. It's always the same story, I should buy meat where meat isn't hurt in the making blah blah. It saddens me to think a full grown adult, someone who likely votes, assumes grocery store meat is better than wild harvested.

Sure, Butterball turkeys are bigger and tastier than wild turkey... but WalMart would most likely file suit if I shot turkey load deep into their display. Part of the hunt, is the hunt. They other is the harvest. I love the harvest. The adrenaline, the mix of emotions, the conquering of nature... There's nothing like it.

Now, before you go assuming I'm some sort of lunatic, I don't take joy in killing animals. Quite the opposite. It's a somber experience every time. But it's that mix of emotions that make the hunt, and subsequent meal, even better.

Some might believe that meat is murder, and I won't try to sway your opinion. Maybe it is. But at the end of the evening, murder is tasty.