What trip to Dallas is complete without a quick trip through the taxidermy world of big game at the Fort Worth Cabela's? You see these animals on tv and stuff, but sometimes it's hard to comprehend the scale of these behemoths until you stand toe to toe with them.

The first room of taxidermy as you walk in the front door is the gallery of local native game. Mostly the most impressive elk you'll ever see with your own two eyes, and the various other types of deer, sheep, and goats you'll find there in Texas whether occurring naturally in the mountains along the Texas/Mexico border in the Southwest, or in game ranches throughout other parts of the state. Some of the cooler and probably lesser appreciated pieces are the furry creatures that are the scourge of ranchers. Animals like the humble coyote, badger, fox, raccoons, etc... There's a ton of those really well put together too.

The most impressive thing is, all of the taxidermy is modeled after state and world record setting animals. Massive trophy elk, mule deer, and whitetails with some of the most impressive displays of antler growing in history. It'll make you wonder how they even held their heads up when they were alive.

As you make your way around the store, the centerpiece tying the up and downstairs together features an incredible array of stuffed nature from all over North America. Polar bears and musk ox, woodland and mountain critters, plains type and waterborne wildlife all put on display in a manner that takes a while to look through. No wonder the restaurant overlooks it.

Lastly, the Africa wing of the taxidermy tour, while short, is beyond amazing. The artists that put these animals together really spent a good chunk of time and skill doing so. You'll witness realistic rage, fear, panic, and chill as you walk around both predator and prey. The elephant is the real show-stopper. It's massive. A true wonder to bestow upon your memories.

They also have quite the aquarium too, but all fish look the same behind six inches of aged and hazy acrylic. Save it for another time. If you find yourself looking for something to do, this store is only two and a half-ish hours away on the edge of Fort Worth. You can make a day trip out of it. As a bonus, the TMS Buc-ee's is right up the road from it.

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