Out of the 1,573,180 households in Oklahoma, every 1 child out of 5 live at or below the poverty line. In many cases, school and daycare are the reason these children are able to have adequate food throughout the year - besides summer and winter breaks. During the breaks, many families struggle to make ends meet and the struggle trickles down to every person in the household.

For those unable to provide enough food for their children, Oklahoma does have services available for free meals throughout the summer.

Schools & Churches


For major populations, some schools are able to provide summer meals to children for no cost at all. For smaller communities, it may be worth the trip to a location or worth while to reach out to your local chamber of commerce to see what local locations they may have available. For example, Elgin, Oklahoma will have free meals available at the Elgin Community Library.

Here are the list of places in Oklahoma's most populated areas of where to receive free food.

Oklahoma City



Broken Arrow



Midwest City



Many churches also offer free meals for both adults and children throughout the summer. Talk with your local church members to decide what situation works best for you and your family.

Tribal Assistance

Canva/Screenshot of Chickasaw Nation Website
Canva/Screenshot of Chickasaw Nation Website

For those on the roll, it is important to reach out to your tribe to see if they have available programs, such as this year's EBT program that the Chickashaw Nation is offering their members.

No USDA Summer Feeding Program

Unfortunately, this year, Oklahoma will not be receiving funds towards to the USDA-provided Summer Feeding Program. This would've given families an additional $40 towards food in the form of an EBT card. Governer Kevin Stitt did not sign up for the program, suspicious of the requirement to enroll for the program before the details were finalized. “It’s not fully vetted yet,” Stitt said. “We’ll watch the program next year and see how it rolls out.”

Although Oklahoma does struggle with making sure our children don't go without during the summer, there are available options. We encourage you to make the best decisions for you and your families life.

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