I have a lot of fun scouring over Craigslist only to find some weird ads or some odd, off the wall job postings.  So, here is this weeks installment of


Snow Making Technicians

If you live in the Atlanta area and don't get to spend enough time around snow, now is your chance to make a winter wonderland. Full Spectrum, LLC needs "snowmaking technicians" for part-time work at Stone Mountain Park. As part of the job, you must "safely produce and distribute snow throughout the event area," as well as move equipment and work with snow hoses "for maximum snow coverage and quality." This job is a little kid's dream!

Assistant to a Beekeeper - Bottling Honey

A beekeeper in Norwalk, Connecticut is in need of an assistant to help him with bee-keeping duties. Tasks include bottling, delivering and selling honey. The ability to screw a lid on and paste a label onto a jar straight is a must. All are encouraged to apply, including young, old, illegal alien and pregnant. But we're guessing that a thick skin might be a plus.

I Will Pay You to Write the Sheet Music for Three Indie Songs

Someone in Salt Lake City is starting to play piano again but can't find the sheet music to certain indie songs. He wants you to write the sheet music for him to learn, and he even includes sheet music-writing links that can help with this endeavor. He's also considering taking music lessons, so maybe he'll learn this skill himself at some point.

Lego Engineering Instructor, play-well.org

Here's a great job for anyone who loved to play with Legos as a kid -- or still does. An educational-outreach program in Denver is looking for Lego Engineering Instructors to teach kids about concepts in physics, engineering and architecture. Come on, you knew there'd be a catch, but any job that requires you to work with a Play-Well Lego kit can't be all that bad. Applicants beware -- the job may involve a hazardous work environment. Stepping on Legos hurts.

Find any dream jobs on Craigslist lately?  Share them with us!