Getting caught in a loop of iconic and legendary rock performances from the past, I realize, there might never be those considered 'rock royalty' again.

That's not to say we don't have some modern day geniuses in the talent pool... Just the thought of how the business works these days.

The best indicator might be the album test. Pop in something from the Who, Stones, Beatles, even Journey and hit play. Almost everything these bands put out was worthy of gold status.

Now, it's the singles that get categorized. The idea of buying an entire album isn't even fathomable now days. And why should they be? The last album I spent money on ended up being three good songs, and a dozen throw-aways to fill time.

Who is going to finally step out of the gigantic shadows of rocks storied past and become the new generation of royalty?


In talking, I think the only current front-runner to our modern day rock royalty might be Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. They're one of the only bands today able to sell out 100k capacity venues on the regular.