By Sadie Jones

For the past four years as a college student, "the cheaper the better" has been my motto, and it has served me well. There are plenty of creative and cheap gifts you can give to the people you care about on the holidays, and Valentine's Day is no exception.

I'll be the first to admit, I am a last minute bargain shopper and (unfortunately) my boyfriend is the same way. We haven't really celebrated Valentine's Day throughout our four years as a couple because neither of us could ever think of anything we actually wanted. The ideas for Valentine's Day usually came after the holiday, so most of the time we didn't do anything special. (Last year I actually went to the movie theater with my mom - obviously my parents don't do much for V-Day either.)

But this year will be different.  He actually told me what I am to get him for Valentine's Day - The Last of Us: Left Behind Downloadable Content.

Last of us

Anyone who may be sucked in to the zombie craze and watches "The Walking Dead" religiously (guilty) will know what kind of game this is. This gift suits me well because it's only $15 AND it isn't even being released until February 14th. So, I can wait until the last minute and not pay a fortune!

So I've got my Valentine's Day gift covered. But for all of you who are in need of some cheap last minute gift ideas, here's a list of some creative gifts your valentine is sure to love.

Burn a CD

This is a great idea, especially if your boyfriend/girlfriend is a music lover! Think about songs that you know they would like listening to and make a playlist! Be creative with it!


Let's be real. Candy is what everyone wants on Valentine's Day! Do something creative with their favorite kinds of candy and make a poster where the certain words are replaced with the names of the candy. (ex. You are a "Sweet Tart") You can make it funny or sweet!

Date Night Jar

This is a fun one! Create a jar full of date ideas written on pieces of paper (like dinner and a movie, picnic, ice skating...etc.) and when it comes time for another date night, just chose a piece of paper and see what it says! Whatever you draw is what you do for your date! It takes the stress of trying to come up with something different every time, and adds some adventure to your evening.

Your significant other just wants to know you care. Don't feel like you have to spend a fortune just to prove to them what you should be proving to them all year around - that they are loved!