Soon the last of the high schools across the United States will hold their commencement exercises. Some schools have large elaborate ceremonies, others are small intimate settings. But one thing's for certain, they all have rules and regulations. 

Why are schools wanting to take away from the fun of the moment? These young adults have worked hard for over 13 years to get to this point. Unfortunately there were some school systems and administrators who thought otherwise on some of the "fun" that some students had in mind.

Schools have rules and you're going to follow those rules all the way up until the very last second you are under their control... got it?

Alabama: 17 year old Chelsey Ramer put an eagle feather in her cap's tassel during her May 23rd ceremony to recognize fellow members of the Poarch Creek Band of Indians. Her private school is holding her diploma and transcripts until she pays a $1,000 fine for breaking the graduation dress code. I am sure that someone will pony up the fine to get the school to shut up.

Tennessee: Austin Mendoza, an honors student, was banned from his graduation ceremony after missing the mandatory rehearsal. He couldn't get out of work -- the job that paid for college. What "life lesson" are we sending out here?

Texas: Lauren Green, a straight-A student, was banned from her upcoming ceremony for allegedly drinking at her prom. She says she didn't and filed a lawsuit -- which was dismissed.

Cincinnati: Anthony Cornist was denied his diploma after his family's "excessive cheers" during the ceremony. The principal demanded 20 hours of community service before he would hand over his diploma. Really?

Maine: Justin Denney was sent back to his seat during the ceremony after blowing a kiss to his family while walking across the stage. Hello! It is a celebration!

There are others like a teen was denied diploma for wearing a Bolo tie instead of a regular tie? What if that is all he had? Have we come to far in our political correctness that you have to be screened by a panel of judges prior to receiving your diploma? This is all becoming to crazy.

What are your thoughts? Should graduation ceremonies be as reverent as a church service or should they be a fun time to let kids blow off steam? Take our poll and weigh in.