I made a quick trip to Houston this weekend to visit my Sister, and attend a Christmas party.  I had some cash left over and it was in my back pocket.  I know that I had it at the McDonalds on the Turnpike.  After I got home, I went shopping with my daughter at the mall, then on the Fletcher for their annual Christmas parade.

Somewhere between McDonalds and getting home, I lost my cash!  It was 2 One Hundred Dollar Bills. I have no idea when, or where I must have pulled something out of my pocket and my cash went with it.

My question to you is this?  If you found $200 (especially at Christmastime!) Would you turn it in, or pocket it? There is no way to identify you in this poll, so be honest!  I have found $10 or $20 before and kept it, but I'm really thinking that if I found $200, I would turn it in to the nearest person, or cashier.  What about you?  Take this quick poll and let's see how alike we are!

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