I spent an evening in the Wichita Mountains the other day, and took a GoPro along with me. Came across these little guys, and they were pretty vocal about it.

These guys were hanging out across the road at the Prairie Dog Town. I set the GoPro up to capture the moment, and within a few minutes, more suddenly appeared. Not knowing what the camera was, they started barking at it. It was a cool moment.

I went ahead and let the camera roll for a bit, long after this little guy ran off, as I didn't want to harass or scare off the wildlife... Officials take that sort of stuff seriously. Nature's so cool.

It's amazing what you'll get on camera when you set it to record, and let it roll for a few hours. Is it boring? Yes... but it's time well spent. I usually take a tablet with me and surf the web, though I seem to remember Ft. Sill firing off some extremely impressive sparkle flairs that night. It was like 'jazz hands' in the sky.

The next time you head out there, take something with you to capture it. Share our little piece of awesome with the world.