Being a step mom, I can tell you that Mother's Day is often full of emotion.  You are so happy that you can provide for and love a child but still very conscious that your kid must give first homage to natural mom.  In my case (and in many) it is also bittersweet to know that you will never experience Mother's Day with natural children of your own.  Still . . . if that is how it is . . . I could NOT be more blessed than I am with my awesome husband and beautiful step son!

Last year, when Dillon was 11, he went downstairs in the early morning to cook me breakfast.  He wanted me to have the perfect breakfast in bed.  It started with him booby


trapping the stairs so I couldn't go down and interrupt his surprise.  A string of paperclips was lined from one bannister to another with a note that read:  DO NOT COME DOWN THE STAIRS.

I shook my husband awake so he could go down and offer support (i.e. supervise).  About half an hour later, I got my plate of eggs, toast and coffee.  One bite told me how much work had been put into this by my creative kid.  He had made me an omelet with peppers and onions and cheese.  He had put the butter in the pan but then got distracted with the instructions he printed off the computer.  After almost burning the house down, he got the butter cooled and started cooking.  In the middle of searing the onions and peppers, he got distracted again and left the plastic spoon in the pan.  That is why the eggs have some spots in them.  He recovered the melted spoon and continued with the meal.

He was so proud of himself -- and I was so proud of his attempt -- that I suffered down one bite, gave him a huge hug and told him I was going to watch Judge Judy in bed while eating.

The eggs found their way to the toilet but the memory will last a lifetime.

If you are a mom -- or have been a mom to someone's kid -- Happy Mother's Day.

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