Mother's Day -- a time to put mom on a pedestal. Or, in this case, on the hot seat.

Watch as these mothers voluntarily answer some rather uncomfortable questions from their kids while hooked up to a lie detector.

They get the third degree about drugs, arrests, sex -- no topic is off-limits. They're not even our moms and yet we're still cringing in horror.

We're not sure if this exercise in "ewww" brought mothers and kids together, but we bet it will make for some pretty awkward dinner conversation the next time they all gather 'round the dinner table with dad.

Why any mom would agree to this (or any kind of game in which they have to get so personal) is beyond us. Maybe they want to prove they're good sports, maybe they want to prove they used to have a life before Junior came along or maybe the voices in their heads told them, "Hey, what's the worst that could possibly happen?"

In any event, we do not recommend doing this with your parents. Just continue to go about your business and act like your mom's life didn't begin until you were born.

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