Is chivalry officially dead?  I rolled that question around in my head for awhile over the last day or so. Two thirds of men in a new poll believe women should pick up the tab, or at least pay their own way, on a date. Maybe this is because 84% of men still pick up the tab. Women, though, are making an effort. And over half say they've offered to pay their share, but a third secretly hoped he would reject it.

Now granted, I have not been on the dating scene for many years. But, when I started to date my soon to be wife , OK, 4 years of dating, I always picked up the tab.  Not bragging, it was the thing to do. There was on occasion that she picked up the tab by making prior arrangements where we ate. Did that bother me? No. It seems like she always knew when it was appropriate for her to do so.

I also opened the door for her going in and out of restaurants, movies or wherever. And to this day, I still do the same. I guess that makes me a gentleman. After all that is what chivalry means in the long round about way.

So is chivalry dead? If you are dating do you always pick up the tab? Are you a gentleman?

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