Apparently, there is a haunted graveyard about forty-five minutes Southeast of Lawton. Well, technically it's East then a little South, but it's Southeast as the crow flies. I don't know if you buy into malarkey like haunted places, but whether a place is legitimately haunted or not, you can't deny the creepiness factor running in the red at a place like this.

Technically, I can't tell you where Tucker Cemetery is based on what town it belongs to. Some websites tell you it's Duncan's, others say it's in Comanche, so we'll just lay it down that it's out in the country in Southwest Oklahoma and you can decide for yourself since everyone else has already. It's not the oldest cemetery in Oklahoma, the earliest entombed souls casting dates near the turn of the previous century, 1899, but there are several markers without dates clearly carved. Whether it's erosion or just a case of the undead technicality erasing history like something our of Back To The Future, I can't tell you that. The last person known buried in Tucker Cemetery was laid to rest in 1984, and while many graves exist, the family name lineage is relatively small overall.

It's been a popular haunt for people over the years, though I've never heard of it before yesterday. Then again, I don't buy into science fiction beyond lightsabers and Stark Enterprises, so your mileage may vary.

The people that have visited this place say they've heard weird voices, chanting in tongues, baby cries and laughs... the typical city-dwellers experiencing the country type stuff. There are some that say the grave markers and headstones will randomly change, but if you're not paying attention, a lapse of brain activity and memory will do that to a person. The most curious story is the common tale of a unexplained phenomena grabbing at a visitors feet. With a little searching, this is a common tale too, force ghosts and what-not.

As far as I can tell, the cemetery is closed and gated off, so making a visit is probably some good old trespassing... Of course I would never recommend breaking the law. In any case, somebody always knows somebody that can get you in legally to experience your own wild imagination... but if the gate shown online is correct, it's short enough to hop.

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