Since I was already on the subject of Texas drivers and such, I did have a thought on my way back to Lawton over the weekend. Growing wild in the easements on either side of the highway there is a hint of color in the form of wildflowers growing. Mostly hints of yellow with a few traces of red line our half dead/half green grassy knolls, and I think we can do better in Oklahoma, but it'll take a year of patience.

Back in the 60's, as a part of the 1965 Highways Beautification Act, the government sent out millions of wildflower seed packets to schools across the country... at least I think they did. If you drive in Texas this time of year, the highways are lined by striking colors of wildflowers. Red and yellow Indian Blanket flowers, lavender Texas thistles, bright yellow lantanas and tick seed, indigo bluebonnets. It's a sight to behold and a curious thing. My mom once told me that Lady Bird Johnson sent out seed packets to all the schools in Texas with instructions to throw seeds out the window as their families traveled for summer vacation. I just assume this was done in all the states affected by that law. Fifty-six years later, the wildflowers are still flourishing along the highways of Texas. It begs the question, why can't we do the same here in Oklahoma?

I don't know how often you travel or if you do so by vehicle, but the next time you take a trip along a highway, why not let your kids have this experience? You can order small seed packets or large bulk bags, give your kids a scoop and let them actually decorate the state highways. I think they'd be into it since not throwing anything out of the car has been drilled into us for so long... They'd get to litter a little beauty. Sure, most seeds won't take, but the few that do will grow and provide more each year going forward. That way, instead of seeing a marbling of brown and green on the roadsides this time of year, it'll be a sea of vibrant color and a neat story your kids could tell theirs one day.

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