Attention doomsday preppers, forget stocking up on all those canned and dried foods, instead stock up on Pringles and hot dogs because this awesome lifehack will keep you well fed.

The latest experiment that Nancy and I have tackled has you take a Pringles can and turn it into a solar cooker for your hot dogs.

Now, normally we would scour Pinterest or your comments and emails on what to try next. However, this experiment was not found on the picture pinning site but a different site all about lifehacks. Also, with summer about to end and the weather finally playing nice for us, we decided to launch this experiment while we could before it got rainy again.

The process to create them is very simple and not at all time consuming. Just take a Pringles can, cut an opening along the side, make a hole on the top and the bottom of the can so it can hold your kabob in place and some plastic to cover the opening.

Will this experiment make an excellent lunch or leave us with a cold and disgusting hot dog? Find out when Nancy and I open, The Pringles Grill.

Be sure to comment or email Nancy Mace at for your requests and you will see that experiment in a later episode.