Addicts everywhere are freaking out, but new science says it is time to quit Facebook.  Why?  Because you need to be happy and Facebook doesn't give you that.

So, I know I put my life in my hands (especially since we tell you all the time to join us on Facebook) but maybe a total cold turkey situation isn't needed -- maybe just a scale back.

Here's why this is an issue:  a new study in Denmark says Facebook doesn't increase your happiness and, if you quit the social media site, your quality of life will improve.

The study recruited over 1,000 Facebook users.  They were split into two groups and the control group was asked to use Facebook as usual.  The other group was forced to give it up completely.

Here are the results:

88% of people who quit Facebook said they felt 'happy'.  That compares to 81% who reported feeling happy while still using Facebook.

Ok, that doesn't sound really significant, right?  But, those who gave up Facebook also said they felt more enthusiastic, less lonely, less worried and more decisive.  They found it easier to concentrate through the day and found they had more time to see friends and family face-to-face.

So, maybe you scale back the obsessive posting of your memories and actually call someone you miss today.  Except, of course, when WE want to engage with you.  That should ALWAYS make you happy.

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