After it was announced that Comedy Central’s Key & Peele was coming to an end, the world wondered, what would these two get up to next? Their first feature Keanu, a comedic John Wick parody about a kitten that gets catnapped by gangsters, was more or less just okay, more a feature-length comedy sketch that ran on too long, rather than an actual movie. But one half of the duo Jordan Peele isn’t giving up yet, as his film Get Out finally releases its first trailer.

Get Out is a horror movie featuring a black leading man (Daniel Kaluuya) who realizes something is up with his girlfriend’s (Allison Williams) white suburban neighborhood. In a sort of Look Who’s Coming to Dinner scenario, the couple drives into the country to meet her parents, but it looks like what they encounter is a lot more sinister than they had anticipated.

If his background is comedy, why has Peele directed a horror movie? Well, watchers of Key & Peele shouldn’t be that surprised, since that show had its fair share of comedy-horror sketched that riffed on everything from racist white zombies to post-apocalyptic movies to why vampires always have to be sexy. There’s an undercurrent of horror in even the funniest sketches, such as “Negrotown,” which imagines a paradise full of happy black people who never have to deal with bigotry that Key dreams up during a racist altercation with a cop.

In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes back in March 2015, Jordan Peele talked about Get Out and how both comedy and horror are two very similar mediums.

I’m obsessed with the link between horror and comedy. I think they’re very close. They’re both about getting a very physical kind of reaction. It’s about tension and it’s about the release of tension.

At its most comedic, it’ll be like Scream or the original Stepford Wives. So, no, it’s a horror movie, but it’s a satirical premise.

The trailer looks pretty funny, but parts of it are also remarkably unnerving. It’s this kind of balancing act that made Key & Peele’s best sketches great, and if the film is anything like the trailer, we might have our next horror-comedy classic on our hands.

Get Out opens February 2017.