Nothing gets a kid more excited this time of year than the thought of Halloween trick-or-treating. Just think, they get to dress up as whatever they want, knock on strangers doors, and receive free candy all night! I can remember my parents driving us all across town to the 'nice' neighborhoods that gave out full-size candy bars. It was awesome.

As you get older, you discover the mischievous side of All Hallows Eve. Pulling pranks, hopping out of bushes to scare others, TP'ing your friends houses... It was all reasonably innocent fun. Though, as you move to bigger and bigger towns, the Halloween 'rules of engagement' tend to change. Apparently, the bigger the town, the more likely something sinister will happen.

To counter all the risk, cities mandate when kids should be running around gathering sweets. This year, the City of Lawton has decided to go-ahead with Monday trick-or-treating, 5-8pm on Halloween night.

As always, check all the candy. Throw away anything suspect or unwrapped. Kids will be running around everywhere, try not to run them over. And if you're not handing out candy, turn the lights off, but expect to be pelted with eggs.