Justin Bieber dropped the music video for his latest single "Company" today (June 8), and while it offers your standard behind-the-scenes footage from his current Purpose World Tour, there's so much more to it than that.

In it, Bieber cries, lies down onstage (this is part of the second half of his concerts), wears many literal hats (including but not limited to: a white, wide-brimmed hat, bandanas, baseball caps), kisses babies and -- perhaps the highlight of the visual -- he straight-up throws his phone across the desert at one point, the way only a 22-year-old millionaire with limited cares in the world could.

The rest of the video sees Bieber exploring his bliss the only way someone of his celebrity can -- largely in solitude, but often surrounded by nature. He spends a significant amount of time in large bodies of water, expansive plains, in parks and sleeping in hammocks. He even partakes in some snowboarding at one point, look at his full-coverage goggles:

Despite recent reports that there may be trouble brewing within the Bieber camp, this video shows proof of the opposite: As it turns out, Bieber skateboards, jumps off vans (PARKOUR), and smiles during his time off. What we were all thinking?

He also writes love letters in the sand to his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. It’s all very sweet and natural.

Watch Justin Bieber's "Company" music video above.

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