Some people like Katy Perry's new vaguely political, 'Purposeful Pop' (her words, not mine) chill-disco ode to popping your bubble, "Chained to the Rhythm." Some people do not. But just how many of these so-called #ChainedToTheRhythm enthusiasts are taking a razor blade to their scalp to visually represent their feelings on the matter?

At least one Spanish KatyCat did.

Moments after the Prism pop superstar's song dropped last night (Feb. 10), one well-documented super-stan UriKatyCat posted an immediate reaction on Twitter that's since gone viral...and understandably so.

"Wow. I'm shaking, sorry," he quivers, razor in hand while standing next to his bathtub.

"It's really good. She has literally snatched my weave. It's 5 AM in the morning here in Spain, and Katy has made a big step, so I'll do my big step and I'll shave my weave 'cause this song is really amazing. And it really deserves it, I go!"

And go he most certainly did. Put your rose-colored glasses on and watch below.

Do you too plan on losing your mind — and your locks — in the name of "Chained to the Rhythm"? Or would you, like myself, only save that for a single release of Teenage Dream's "Circle The Drain"? Let us know in the comments!

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