A contributor to the social news site Reddit says a friend who's a teacher had to say "no" to a snack brought in by a second grader's mom. Forget about the 'lady fingers', this Mom brought a platter of 'lady-part' cookies to her 2nd graders class room. The teacher then explained to the mother "I'm sorry but I can't give out your cookies!" The mother then pitched a complete fit and told the teacher she should love her "vajayjay!"  The teacher still needed to give the kids a snack so she gave the cookies a good "waxing" and scraped off all the frosting and sprinkles and gave them to the students.

The story doesn't end there, though. After the teacher told the mom she couldn't hand out her baked anatomy examples, the woman started yelling that the teacher should be proud of her "vajayjay" and not settle for "a woman's role in life." She then stormed off, but not before shouting "vagina" enough times that the teacher got a flurry of emails that night from parents wondering just what exactly the day's lesson had been.

Then the best email of all rolled in when the mother herself fired off an email. The teacher took screen shots and posted them online.

Obviously this woman needs some grammar lessons! There are no words to even understand this and clearly this Mom is a fruit cake (maybe she should bring that to the class for snack time next time).

And I thought parents were concerned about other parents bringing dishes to class with nuts!