After the ice storm halted businesses and schools last Monday, many parents of the students of Lawton Public Schools questioned if their kids would have to make up lost time during Spring Break, attend Saturday school, or have added days on the year. Lawton Public Schools has answered the many questions parents had that pertain to students having to play catch up on lost days.

The school administration took to their Facebook page, and thanks to the added extra time for cases of inclement weather, no days would be added on at the end of the year. There were rumors that schools would possibly be open for Spring Break, Lawton Public Schools has stated that that is not the case.

However, the administration has stated that they are out of bad weather days and if another inclement weather day occurs, then time will have to be added. The only school in the system that has to make up time is Eisenhower Elementary School as they had a water line bust during the winter weather.

Administrators have a plan in place and have stated that the plan is for Eisenhower Elementary to extend their school day by five minutes.