LPS (Lawton Public Schools) released several COVID-19 safety procedure videos yesterday. They loaded them on to their official LPS TV YouTube channel and sent them out via text message as well. If for some reason you didn't receive the text and haven't seen the videos yet we have them for you. There are three videos total that detail the safety procedures that LPS will have in place once school starts back up Monday, August 24th (08-24-20). The videos cover building sanitation, child nutrition safety and transportation.

The first video below details the building sanitation procedures. LPS will be cleaning and disinfecting all regularly touched surfaces like desks, countertops, door knobs, computer keyboards, hands on learning items, phones, faucet handles and restrooms.

The second video below details the child nutrition safety procedures. Menus will be posted early, masks must be worn in cafeteria or eating areas, sanitation stations will be set up to clean hands prior to eating, social distancing will be practiced. All meals are packages to go and it will be a touch-less check-out. There will be different places to eat, it could be in the cafeteria or possibly a classroom.

The third and final video below details the transportation safety procedures. As children load the bus they will be provided hand sanitizer, masks must be worn while on the bus or in any other LPS transportation. Buses will be sanitized and disinfected after each ride.

Summer vacation is wrapping up and the new school year is almost here. Will you or your student be doing traditional or virtual schooling? Take the quick poll below and let us know.

Students and parents will have three different options to choose from for the 2020/2021 school year. Traditional school, virtual learning and they will offer a mixture of both traditional and virtual learning. This option allows for extra-curricular activities and classes at your neighborhood school along with the online courses. It won't be an easy choice to make, we're all concerned about the safety of our kids and teachers.

The official LPS website addresses all the safety precautions and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines that the school will be following. Recently the LPS Board of Education passed the ECAA (face mask) policy. This along with all the familiar CDC recommendations for social distancing, hand washing and surface sanitation will be implemented to help students and faculty attend traditional school.

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