As the first winter storm approaches Lawton, and the weekend is nowhere in sight, we have to make plans on just what to do if we get a substantial amount of snow.


I'm on call to pick up my Granddaughter from school today, and I've been watching the weather forecasts almost nonstop.  I am confident in my driving abilities for driving on snow, but I hate the idea of any of my littles riding a bus in this weather.  Again, I have the utmost respect for the drivers in the Lawton Public Schools hire, however, no quite so confident in the Lawton driver population.

Lawton is a melting pot of transplants from all areas of the country.  Some residents have tons of experience driving on the ice and snow, but there are others that may have NEVER taken a spin on the ice.  No one wants their first time driving in slush or ice to be during school dismissal!

attachment-KLAW Snow Buses

While Lawton Public Schools does not have a hard and fast Snow policy, they try to make any closing decision as early as possible.  Preferably the day before.  Sometimes that is not possible and LPS staff are on the streets in the pre-dawn hours to test road conditions before making the call to close schools. Read More.

Today's weather doesn't look like it will warrant school closings tomorrow, but it is important to know where to find out that information.

Most schools have a text system, where parents are alerted to school closings, but if you aren't a parent and want to know, you check local media for local closings.

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