Tuesday night, the Lawton Public School district and the Lawton Chamber of Commerce hosted the first of several "feedback meetings", intended to garner reaction to, and receive input about a new bond issue that is currently in the preliminary stages for our next election.

The first meeting targeted local business and what they would want a bond issue to include. Edicational Consultant JoAnn Pierce was brought in to host the meeting, with the feeling that the more the community was involved in the planning stages of the bond issue, the more likely it would be to support the bond at the polls.

Attendees are asked at the meeting to put their ideas regarding the school bond issue on slip of paper, then they are discussed with the group in attendance, which, according to the meeting planners, allows everyone's ideas to be heard fairly. Pierce said that this process insures more community involvement in the process, Tuesdays meeting brought out opinions on building new schools, and giving students more technology to assist in the learning process.

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The district is also looking at a new bond issue that will not only finance a new school to replace Eisenhower Middle School, but will also finance upgrades to other schools. For the past several months, Pierce has been researching previous bond initiatives and their expenditures, and will compare those to suggestions heard from the public in these meetings. She plans on presenting all of her findings to the school board in May. At that point the board will decide which projects they plan to move forward with and present to voters.

Community groups that would like to schedule a meeting with Pierce regarding the bond issue can visit Aspire Higher Educational & Leadership Consulting, or contact her through email at aspirehigherconsulting@gmail.com. Pierce advises that parents should watch for information on upcoming meetings, where they will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on the proposal.

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source: Lawton Constitution, KSWO News