Southwest Oklahoma had an unpredictable cold season last year. It was blisteringly cold through November, then downright hot around Thanksgiving. Then came the cold freezing rains and wet heavy snows in December and January. February was also cold, but it all gave way to a brilliant and incredibly wet Spring and Summer.

Above-average temperatures are favored across much of the West and the northern half of the contiguous United States. Temperatures are also favored to be above-average in Alaska and much of Hawaii. Below-average temperatures are most likely in the southern Plains and Southeast.[NWS/NOAA]

They're also projecting we'll be wetter than average again this year.

Wetter-than-average conditions most likely in the Southern Tier of the United States, from central and southern California, across Texas, to Florida, and up the East Coast to southern New England. Above-average precipitation is also favored in southeastern Alaska. [NWS/NOAA]


Now I don't know about you, but I'll take all the snow and rain we can get. It has been pretty dry since SWOK flooded in May. It's brought us back to drought status, but NOAA is predicting an end to it, and maybe the moisture stick around until Spring.


Here's a short video that will compare last year to the predicted coming Winter.