Just so we're clear, this isn't an advertisement... I'm just sharing the kind of stuff I look at online.

So after looking at some of the most expensive homes offered in Lawton, why not see what's on the other end?

For less than a couple of average paychecks, you could find yourself signing the deed to your very own little slice of hard work ahead. While it's not a whole lot to talk about, there is potential. Bill it as a "Handyman Special." Needing, well, everything. Still though, offering three bedrooms sprawling over 1300 square feet for the grand total of $2800.

1407 SW 8th Street is just about the cheapest property I have ever seen in Lawton. True, I once saw a double parcel of city land in Frederick go for $50, but that's a different story for another time.

While it looks very intimidating, it's basically a blank canvas to which you could build your Eden. Imagine, the entire house being one big man cave.

I'm just shocked, it's just over $2 a square foot. If you could even get a loan on such a small amount, your mortgage would be like $13 a month!

Take a peak at the pics.