As we're all too familiar with, the weather this time of year is somewhat sketchy. One minute it's fairly cool and nice, maybe a little breeze blowing making you think "Wow it feels great outside..." and in the hour that moves on to clear skies and oppressive heat and humidity. Moreover, when a nice day turns into our world famous severe weather, it does so very quickly, and if anything, this move proves that a forecast is hard to accurately predict.

Tonight, the one department of our local government that actually works was planning a traditional free movie screening in Elmer Thomas Park. They had it all planned out too with a stellar Marvel movie, grab bags, face painting, concessions, door prizes... It was to be everything a kid could ask for in a fun night out... until the forecast loomed with a very small chance for severe weather. At present time the current forecast doesn't predict any rain and such until well after 1am... but that's the thing with the weather... nobody knows for sure, and even the best guesses are occasionally close. Obviously, the best bet to ensure the safety of everyone interested in going is to cancel the movie night for now and reschedule at a later date, moved two weeks to June 6th.

All the same, I can't help but think this could be a golden opportunity for the city council and mayors office to gain some much needed good publicity. If only the City of Lawton owned a giant facility where kids could gather to watch movies protected from the chance of being rained on. Like a big building with tall ceilings that would accommodate a big movie screen. Some place with a large parking lot that could handle the strain of a few hundred or more vehicles. Something with climate control in a central location that's convenient for everyone. A place that would at least save the happiness of the children and put a smile on the face of themall. That would at least temporarily take the sting out of the theft of our road monies.

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