The Wichita Mountains really are a spectacular place to snap lasting pictures and capture memories... It's even more so when seen from a drone.

A wise man once said, if humans could fly, we'd call it exercise and never do it... but with the help of technology, we can gain that birds eye view of just about anything.

Drones (UAV's) are steadily becoming the 'next big thing' in hobby photography. Mostly because it's relatively cheap, but as the technology grows, it's becoming an easier-to-learn talent.

With a local hobby shop in town getting in the drone game, more and more photographers are reaching toward the skies, grasping at that one perfect shot. The most popular place in these woods to photograph is, naturally, the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

Now, a few months ago, one hobbyist got in a bit of trouble when 'officials' saw his video of him flying a drone around the mountains, presumably, inside the refuge fence... Legal action was promptly taken and the video was taken down, which was a shame. It was a truly great video of the beauty in our backyard.

(You can read about the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge drone legal issues here)

So let this be a warning for you... The government has nothing better to do than control the people, don't give them a reason to come knocking on your door. Know the rules and regulations of the areas you plan to do any sort of activity. Besides, why catch any legal heat when you don't need to.

As the video above was shot outside the refuge borders, only time will tell if the anonymous government will begin overreaching into his 'Free American' personal space...

I tried to dig a little into the matter, just to give a proper heads up on running a drone in the mountains... but as it turns out, there is little to no information on the web concerning what is and isn't allowed. It's apparently something that is found in the brochure you get when entering the refuge gates. Way to be up with the times dot-gov.