It was a hot and humid start to the Macarthur 2015 season this past Thursday night at Cameron stadium. But what else would we expect this time of year and in SW Oklahoma? There were a lot of questions the Highlander Nation had. What will the team look like? What about all the replacements from last year? What will it be like, what will it look like? There were even more questions in the 1st quarter with a missed field goal early after a great long pass to start the game and another stalled out drive after that in the red zone late in the 1st quarter.There was even a quiet hush in the stands for the first half. Very uncharacteristic from the years past.

But, this is a different year under different circumstances this is the first time the Highlanders are defending State Champions and downplay it or not a lot of eyes were watching outside the stadium on this game as well. One thing is for sure. What the offense lacked in the first half the defense came early often and ready to play from the get go and kept Clinton for scoring only one touchdown all night. With a great play and tip drill in the last moment in the end zone for the Red Tornadoes and their only points they would score all night.

Offensively, running back Teddy Thomas picked up where he left off. With all the confidence he gained last year applied it to what you would want from a starting running back.

New quarterback Anthony Love showed he too had some skill as he skated through the defense with ease it seemed and will no longer fly under the radar with his feet. Everyone will have to "Spy" number 7.

All in all it what you would expect from a game one.

photo courtesy of Cindy Rose

Things that have to be looked at and worked out but that's what the Mac coaching staff has always done and what we saw last Thursday is not even close to what we will find come play-off time. Final score 33-7 Big Mac.

Next up for the Highlanders the first of the City foes and Lawton High. Macarthur is not only defending State Champions but defending City Champions and most on the east side want the "generals trophy' to stay.

Join us Tuesday night at El Chico for the LIVE Coaches show and again on Friday night against the Wolverines.

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