I believe many people in the United States don't understand Oklahoma.  They understand the cowboy history, the oil and our Native American legacy but they don't understand that Oklahoma is much, much more than that.  On a recent trip to Washington D.C., I was asked if I owned a horse, if I had a ranch, if I had oil on my land.  So, even if I cannot educate the masses on our state, I can at least make sure we home-grown folks know some of the great things that come out of our state.

Here are just some great companies that you might not know are based in Oklahoma.  How many are surprising to you?

  • nonnis.com

    Nonni's Biscotti

    If you've never had biscotti in coffee, you're missing out. Their THINaddictives crackers are also delicious and I love the nut flavors.

  • griffins.com

    Griffin Food Company

    Griffin Food Company makes the ABSOLUTE BEST WAFFLE SYRUP ON THE ENTIRE PLANET AND THERE WILL BE NO DEBATE ABOUT THIS. In fact, I have been known to ship Griffin's to my in-laws when we have long stays in PA. That state has a thing for maple syrup which is nasty compared to Griffin's.

  • quibids.com


    QuiBids is not a thing but a service. 95% of its' technology was developed in Oklahoma. You might have seen their national commercials lately about bidding for things you want online.

  • bar-s.com

    BarS Hot Dogs and Bologna

    All over the country and it's delicious and made right here in Lawton, Oklahoma! In fact, a great way to test someone about their hemispherical roots is to ask them to say the word. If they say "baloney" they are probably from the south and will love some Bar-S fried up with eggs on a bun. Now THAT's breakfast!

  • fieldspies.com

    Field's Pies

    Field's Pies makes those tiny little pecan pie tarts that you should eat just one of but you will probably down more than that. They are based in Pauls Valley and, if you've never been to the original Field's restaurant, it's worth the trip.

  • braums.com


    Braum's makes my favorite fries and shakes and is based right here in Oklahoma!

  • jcpotter.com

    J.C. Potter Sausage Company

    J.C. Potter sausage company makes a lot of the sausage you will ever eat.

  • alamo.com

    Alamo Rent-a-Car

    Alamo is based in Oklahoma and we've been arriving at our destination safely ever since.

  • nationalcar.com

    National Car Rental

    We don't want to leave out National Car Rental, also based in Oklahoma.

  • 10

    Hobby Lobby

    Hobby Lobby's Oklahoma roots are now familiar to everyone, but did you know they were based in Oklahoma before they went to the supreme court?

  • sonic.com

    Sonic Drive In

    Sonic Drive In is headquartered in Oklahoma and home to the best quality pleasure food in the universe -- the chili cheese tater tot!

  • tacomayo.com

    Taco Mayo

    Taco Mayo is also on the list and one of our favorites for their awesome salsa.