In what looks to be an avoidable crash, a motorcyclist rammed into the back of a bicyclist on a particularly curvy section of Mulholland Drive along the Santa Monica Mountains in Southern California. The first biker hit had no idea what was coming and was tossed violently up into the air and onto his back. The second biker is then hit by the stray motorcycle and the tumbling bodies of the first cyclist and the motorcyclist.

Apparently, motorcycle accidents are not uncommon on this 2.4 mile stretch of road nicknamed "The Snake" due to its many hairpin turns and tight curves. In fact, motorcycle crashes are so common that videographers and photographers gather on the weekends to catch the motorcycle slides and wrecks.

The cyclists do not appear to have serious injuries, but the crash sure was painful looking.

Based on the video, do you think this seemingly novice motorcyclist could have avoided hitting the cyclists or was it just a case of wrong place, wrong time?

Watch two cyclists get hit by a motorcyclist: