Mother's day is this upcoming Sunday. Flowers are a great way to show your appreciation to the special mom in your life.  I am going a step further.  I am going to list some other ways to treat mom to a special day right here in Lawton. 

Get mom out of the kitchen.  Let her have a day when everyone else will do the work. How about taking mom to Elmer Thomas Park for brunch?  Get there early enough to enjoy the coolness of the day setting up your picnic area under a large tree.  Who knows, you might even have a couple of extra guests join you.

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There is nothing quite like a homemade card or gift from a child. I remember going through some of my mothers personal items after she passed away. We came across some cards we had made for her many years ago. It now seems pretty clear that homemade beat the store bought card hands down. Take some time with the small hands in your house to assist them with making a card or picture for mom or grandma.

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There are many different types of food offerings in the area, many with in 20 minutes driving time. Italian, Chinese, Greek, American. Some will offer a buffet to mom's on their special day. Check ahead with your favorite place for times and to see if reservations are required or recommended.

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What mom would not like to be pampered with a day at a spa?  There are a few in the area that have different types of packages available.  Give mom a real treat with relaxation while you take the kids if you have any or maybe taking care of the animals off her hands for a few hours.

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Shopping on the gift list?  Let mom know how much she loved by letting her go on a shopping spree.  We can help you with this.  Our friends at Central Mall have a $300 Shopping Spree available. Text MOMSPREE to 444222 before midnight May 9th.  Winner will be drawn Friday morning.  Just in time to allow her to get something new for her special day.


There are so many ways to say thanks. Let her curl up with a good book, giver a coupon book for "chores" she normally does around the house to be done by someone else.  Let her go off with a girlfriend to a matinee movie. Show her gratitude for her never ending job.  But the most important thing you can do for your loved one in a "mom" capacity this weekend is to call her. If you are not close by to something with her, call her. Enjoy the special moments of reliving mother's day memories.  Make new memories. Ones that she will cherish for ever.

Happy Mother's Day.