When it comes to the sanctity of awesomeness, it's hard to beat a good looking bike. Fortunately, there's a choice from mild to wild, and prices reflect that.


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    The Victory High-Ball

    First on the list of bikes, take a gander at this masterpiece of old-school-cool. The Victory High-Ball factory bar-hoppin' bobber. Available in the only color a motorcycle should be, black matches everything.

    This bike won't save you money, but it won't break the bank either. Prices start around $13k and they're available locally.

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    Royal Enfield Classic Battle

    You'll find no newcomers in a Royal Enfield. The brand has been making scooters since 1901, with a deep tradition in providing military hardware. Hence the timeless design of this 2016 Classic Battle bike.

    This is probably the best value, and coolest cycle on the list.

    You can find them at a few Texas dealers for under $6k

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    Harley Davidson Fat Boy S

    Of course there's gonna be at least one Harley on any list of motorcycles. They're probably the most notable manufacturer of cruisers, and the pinnacle of Americana across the world. That being said, HD has suffered over the last twenty or so years. Becoming less about cool bikes, and more about social status.

    Don't get me wrong, they still make awesome bikes... but how popular can something be if everybody has one... Plus the outrageous pricing of some models (the $40k Rocker C comes to mind) Still, the masses love Harley's.

    In the last few years, HD has taken some great steps in design. Instead of planning to sell consumers a ton of aftermarket accessories, they've made a big stride towards making good looking factory models. This Fat Boy S being this years best.

    Prices start around $19k

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    The Honda Grom

    It may not be the coolest, but dang it's cool. The Honda Grom. A 125cc street bike that can get you from A to B for pennies on the dollar.

    Sure, it's a little trendy-ugly, but that adds to the cool factor. The motor sounds small, but Honda builds some of the best on the road, and 125cc's is plenty get-up-and-go for a utilitarian scoot.

    All the same, if you're planning on hitching any ride beyond the daily commute, or an occasional poker run, this is probably not the best fit for what you want. But Honda has you covered there too (the Gold Wing is probably the most comfortable bike ever made... Check out the F6B if you want the old man ride with the hip biker looks)

    You can squeeze onto the Honda Grom for about $3000


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    Victory Magnum Bagger

    Victory takes the top spot on the 'cool bikes' 2016 list. After all, they made baggers cool again.

    The Magnum is that perfect balance of traits not normally found in any one bike... You get that throaty V-Twin engine you crave in a Harley, but you also get comfort that won't put your legs to sleep on long runs.

    Some still credit Arlen Ness and his Victory designs for forcing Harley Davidson to revamp their same old tired designs.

    The Magnum prices are steep, but manageable... Starting at $22k

    (+1 if you can find it in their awesome antifreeze green color)