In these technologically advanced days, there are few that go by when you don't hear of a new way that someone is trying to defraud you via your fancy cell phone or your computer.  The stories can be as wild as Nigerian widows trying to cash in on their husband's fortune or people posing as members of your family asking you to send them money via Western Union.

Over the weekend some of the largest banks in the country said hackers may have gotten access to customer email addresses because of  a third-party security breach.  Citi, Chase and Best Buy are all on

the list of companies that might have been damaged by Epsilon, who manages their email communication.

So, if they didn't get your bank number, what's the big deal?  Well, the big deal IS a big deal!  How many times have you gotten an email from your bank after you made a deposit or if your balance was too low.  These are nifty features that most modern banks offer.  But, if the hackers now have your email address they can replicate these emails and link you back to a website THEY have created to then gain access to your accounts and wipe you out.

These guys are smart, too.  After you log into their site, they can track your keyboard movements and find your passwords to other sites as well.  So all the information in the world that you have online might be at risk.

Disney Destinations was also on the target list.  They sent an email to their customers on Sunday night (which is how I found out) telling their customers what happened and offer the best advice possible:

No matter WHAT email you get:  never link through!  Always go back to your browser and enter the web address you are familiar with.