The Comanche County Courthouse is spreading the word about a new scam affecting citizens of the county participating in their civic duty.

Robert Morales, Comanche County Court Clerk, said calls are beginning to come in regarding an unknown person calling people in the county and claiming they failed to show up for jury duty. In exchange for not pressing charges, the caller is willing to accept payment.

This is not the way the county conducts business, and Morales wants to make sure the public is aware.

"The caller is claiming to be phoning people on behalf of the county, but I assure you it is not us" he said. "We mail out jury summons and handle those who fail to make it internally, not via phone call."

The court clerk said if anyone is unsure, to “hang up and give us a call.”

"We want people to feel safe when dealing with us," Morales said. "Jury duty is driven by public participation. It’s as old as our justice system."

If you have any questions regarding a jury summons or have been contacted about missing jury duty, contact the court clerk's office directly, 580-355-4017.