It is no secret that I am afraid - no make that terrified of snakes. When I see one weather it is on the ground or even on tv, my hair stands up on my neck and I break out in a cold sweat. 

Thanks to the good folks over at Public Policy Polling, we now know that I ma not alone in my fears of snakes and spiders and other animals.  The PPP has come up with a list of nine animals that scare people the most. I was surprised at the placement of some on this list. But who am I to argue with the pollsters? Here are the animals and other critters in order:

1. 21% of people said that snakes are the scariest animal. Keep 'em away from me!

2. 19% were most afraid of alligators - but 6% of people said that they wanted one as a pet? Well if you live in Florida, isn't it like on your bucket list to own one for at least a week?

3. 18% said sharks were the scariest. One word - JAWS.

4. 14% were most afraid of bears.

5. 11% said cockroaches were scariest. And their cousin the Palmetto bug.

6. 9% were afraid of tigers - but 26% wanted one as a pet. They're all cute and cuddly until about 6 months or so.

7. 5% were most afraid of bats.

8. 2% were most afraid of spiders. (Which is INSANE. Shouldn't spiders be in the top TWO?)

9. 1% said WOLVES were the scariest animal.

So which is the scariest to you? Snakes? Spiders? Sharks? None of the above?

(Public Policy Polling)