Oklahoma will soon be making some changes to state hunting and fishing licenses. A new bill (SB-1696) has overwhelming support from state legislators and just recently passed the house by a vote of 79-1 and the senate by a unanimous vote of 46-0. So what does this bill do and how will it affect hunting/fishing licenses?

The new bill (SB-1696) was authored by Sen. Greg Treat (R-OKC) and it basically changes the expiration date(s) of state hunting and fishing licenses. Instead of them expiring on December 31st and June 30th every year, they would be good for a full calendar year from the original date of purchase. That's great news!

Doing this it would ensure that hunters and anglers get a full year no matter when they purchased their license. If you've ever bought a license late in the season you know all too well how that feels. Now you will get a full year from the date of purchase, no matter when you bought it. No more annual expiration dates!

The news gets even better. It sounds like all the license fees would remain the same. A hunting license will remain at $32.00, fishing licenses stay at $25.00 and a combination license will still be $53.00 which was the same as the fiscal year combo license cost. This way you get a full year regardless of when you purchase your license. This is something we've wanted for a very long time, glad it's finally happening.

Governor Kevin Stitt is expected to sign the new bill once it makes its way to his desk. After passing both the house and senate with overwhelming support, chances are better than good that this will become reality. Getting a full 365 days out of a license will be awesome, and they're talking about consolidating other licenses as well. This is great news for all our state sportsmen and sportswomen, a change for the better!

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