The Sanctuary in OKC, a four story abandoned mental hospital, is Oklahoma's biggest haunted house. And it's almost legendary for the sheer mental trauma guests can expect.

Way back when, a French humanitarian names Charles Labrie founded The Sanctuary in Oklahoma city way back in 1913. Growing up, he watched as his own sister was probed and incapacitated as she fell into what he referred to as 'darkness' until she was eventually institutionalized. Having a big heart, The Sanctuary was a center for 'socially discarded and mentally ill' citizens much like his sister.

Fast forward through the odd details of a very lengthy middle of the story, Labrie hires a revolutionary experimental new doctor, referred to only as Dr. Hammond. The Sanctuary becomes over-populated, Dr. Hammond starts doing weird science and very unscrupulous procedures, and we have the makings of a great scary story.

I've been, it's stellar. Tickets are steep at $20, but you can get a group rate of $15 per if you talk your friends into going with you.

All the details are here on The Sanctuary website.