It's August, which means it's the beginning of Romance Awareness Month. What, you've never heard of Romance Awareness Month?  It's almost as if people just make this crap up as they go along or something.  Anyway, the dating website just ran a survey in honor of it, and asked who's more romantic? Men or women? And the result isn't even close.

81% of women and 69% of men say that women are more romantic. I will agree with that statement.  Here are a few other findings from the survey.

57% of people say anniversaries are the most romantic occasions. Only 19% say Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year. Why get all hyped up for the middle of February when prices are jacked up sky high anyway?

73% of men and 80% of women say they aren't satisfied with the amount of romance in their lives.

And if you want something from the survey that's actually useful, check this out: The top answer for the most romantic thing someone can do on a date is, plan a surprise activity.

Have you surprised your wife / husband, boyfriend / girlfriend or significant other with a special date out of the blue?

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