Dating during the holidays is always tricky. So if you want to steer clear of any awkwardness, here are six things you should avoid doing at all cost.

This one is not only applicable during the holidays but at any time.  Moving too fast in a new relationship, just because you're scared of being alone. Sometimes you move too fast and you will wind up right back where you started from. Alone.

If you are just starting into dating that someone special, be sure you know all about their likes or dislikes of the holidays. They may not celebrate the way you do. Take into consideration everything before inviting someone home for the holidays. This may cause you to still be the only single family member.

Talk openly with the new person in your life. They may not be used to having someone spend money on them.  Spending way too much on a gift and making the other person feel uncomfortable.  It could be the beginning of the end before it starts.

Hooking up with an ex because you're feeling lonely. This will only harbor more feelings of why did it have to end the way it did. And the person you are hooking up with, may already be on the rebound. And if they do not reciprocate with the same interest, you may still be lonely and more confused.

Expecting a proposal. This can be the biggest let down of the holidays and can spell disaster for any couple. If you have led on in any way that there might be a proposal, follow through. Unless you like the idea of being alone on New Years Eve.

If you are dating or even married, prolonging a dying or dead relationship just so you can be together for Christmas. is not good. People will wind up getting hurt emotionally. And it takes a very long time for these wounds to heal. Give each other space. If it is not working after the holidays then break it off.

Best thing to do if you are new to a relationship around the holidays is to take it slow and enjoy the newness. Do not be expecting too much. That way if it does not happen, you will not be let down. Sit back and observe and see if the person you are with now is the same person you would want to spend the remainder of your life with.

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