At last month's Lawton Public Schools Board of Education meeting, the Board addressed the issue of a uniform dress code for Lawton Public Schools was addressed. At the time no decision was reached, and the issue was tabled until further discussions, including those with Principals of the six affected middle and high schools could submit their individual recommendations to the school board.

In the meantime, a survey regarding the matter was distributed to teachers, administrators. students and parents regarding the issue. Board members had requested time for these surveys to be completed and reviewed by the board before making a final decision.

The results of those surveys were presented to the board at its regular meeting Monday night, and while results indicate that a majority of teachers and administrators at Lawton middle and high schools believe changing the student dress code would be beneficial, school board members still remain hesitant to institute any policy changes for the next school year.

The board discussed potential changes to next year's student dress code before requesting more detailed and reliable survey results. It is also allowing Principals for each of the city's six middle and high schools affected by the change more time to complete their individual recommendations; Principals will now have until next month to submit their recommendations to the board.

The policy currently under debate outlined the superintendent's recommendation to change the student discipline policy outlining what students in the district can wear during school hours until students, parents and staff completed surveys about the proposed change. The superintendent's recommendations included a "modified dress code," which would require a combination of solid-colored, polo shirts and khaki or twill pants, skirts or shorts.

Students at all elementary schools and Tomlinson Middle School are already subject to the modified dress code. As expected, students who responded to the survey did not support the changes to the policy.

8 Elementary schools in the Lawton Public School system established a uniform dress code for the 2013-2014 school year. The modified dress code does not require uniforms, but instead allows students to select from "recommended" clothing items. It also prevents students from wearing clothing that contains designs or wording. Tomlinson Middle School and four other Elementary schools in the district adopted a similar policy for the 2014-2015 school year.