In some ways, growing up with John Lennon's for a dad must have been pretty cool -- but in others, it could be fairly nerve-wracking, as Sean Lennon explained in a recent chat with Mojo.

Chief among young Sean's fears? Being kidnapped. "I was terrified of that scenario when I was young. We lived under the threat of kidnap and I had the whole bodyguard thing," he admitted, explaining that one of the songs on his new 'Midnight Sun' album, 'Poor Paul Getty,' was partially inspired by that childhood trauma. "It was the bogey-man story," he nodded. "The song isn’t jokey at all...Being John’s boy was very intimidating. It’s taken me longer than other people to feel comfortable in my own shoes."

'Midnight Sun' serves as a continuation of Lennon's work with the Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger, the duo he's formed with multi-instrumentalist Charlotte Kemp Muhl -- and although the two are dating, he stresses that their relationship shouldn't be seen as a next-gen version of the partnership between his father and Yoko Ono. "They didn’t collaborate. My mum refused to write with my dad, even though I think he wanted to," mused Lennon. Added Kemp Muhl, "They inspired each other but were fiercely independent. [Sean] and I are more counterpoints to each other. Very few empowered couples work together as peers."

'Midnight Sun' is out now. To see the band performing the album track 'Animals' on 'The Late Show with David Letterman,' check out the video above.